MariboHilleshög changes name to DLF Beet Seed

After 4 years in the DLF Group, we are pleased to announce that as per 18 October 2021 we change our company name from MariboHilleshög ApS to DLF Beet Seed ApS.

With the new name we wish to send a strong signal that we are part of the DLF Group – a leading, global breeding company focusing on seed.

At the same time, we want to show that DLF is dedicated to sugar beet seed and that together we create innovation and develop new improved varieties – to the benefit of the growers and the industry.

We will continue to sell and market sugar beet seed with our two brands, MARIBO and HILLESHÖG, both with a long history in the sugar beet seed business.

Our company and VAT numbers, bank account and phone numbers remain unchanged. Email addresses will be changed to

For further information please contact Hans Christian Ambjerg, CEO DLF Beet Seed, phone +455446 0708.

Published 18 October 2021