MariboHilleshög at the Borgeby Field Days in Sweden

On 26-27 June MariboHilleshög was present at the Borgeby Field Days near Malmö, with their own stand. The Borgeby Field Days is the largest agricultural fair in North Europe with more than 400 exhibitors and around 20,000 visitors.


We experienced two very successful – and hot – days where many Swedish and Danish beet growers visited our stand to hear news about our sugar beet varieties for the Swedish and Danish markets. We also had the opportunity to discuss with the growers the new industry agreement, recently concluded by the sugar beet growers and Nordic Sugar – giving optimistic prospects for beet growing in Scandinavia.

Our stand was a tent with the Danish Maribo varieties presented at one side, and the Swedish Hilleshög varieties at the other side. The beet growers could see the beets on display in plant boxes, while the combined Danish/Swedish MariboHilleshög team supplied information about the varieties.

Interested visitors could also learn about various plant diseases and see the difference between healthy and infected plants. We explained that our breeders are incorporating various tolerances into new varieties in order to avoid such diseases.

Customers even came all the way from Kazakhstan and China to visit the MariboHilleshög stand and hear about beet growing in Scandinavia.


1st July 2019