Strong variety situation in Denmark

The Danish market develops very positively. We are stepping up on the performance of our varieties to the benefit of our customers

The past 3-4 years we have had only one full commercial and 1 or 2 pre-commercial varieties on the Nordic Sugar list, from where the growers could make their choice.

For spring 2018 we were represented with 4 full commercial varieties (Davinci, Fairway, Mustang and Joker) and 3 pre-commercial varieties (Dartmoor, Nelson and Holiday). There is a limit on 300 units on each pre-commercial variety.

It is also very good news for the growers that all the upcoming varieties are very promising high yielding varieties.

In the official trials this year we have again very strong results in the germination figures, so we are very optimistic about this season.

We look forward to the new future on the Danish market.

For further information please contact Ole Lauridsen, Nordic Sales Manager, mobile +45 2211 2221