The fodder beet business in MariboHilleshög

When DLF acquired the Syngenta beet activities in autumn 2017, the responsibility and planning of the joint Maribo/DLF fodder beet business was transferred to MariboHilleshög with Nordic Sales Manager, Ole Lauridsen in the lead.

The fodder beet seed is sold by DLF, external distributors and heavy goods retailers. We sell fodder beet seed in about 15 countries, with New Zealand and Ireland as our biggest markets.

Fodder beets are used as feed for cattle in many countries. The advantage of beets is that the yield, measured as fodder units per hectare, by far exceeds other crops such as corn. The fodder beet is an interesting crop that also may be used by countries under warmer skies, provided they have access to irrigation.

There seems to be good potentials for increased fodder beet seed sales, partly through the DLF organization where product managers and sales persons are doing a great effort to increase sales, and partly through our own sugar beet organization where new markets are emerging. Generally, we experience a slightly upward sales trend in new markets, despite the fact that the area is reduced in some countries.

For further information please contact Ole Lauridsen, MariboHilleshög, phone +45 2211 2221