Tradition that Danish growers pick up seeds at the factory

Gradually, it has become a tradition for many Danish sugar beet growers to pick up their seeds for this year’s sowing at DLF Beet Seed’s factory in Holeby. But we also do a little extra for the growers who come to visit.

– This year we had delivery from the 17th to the 22nd of March, and many beet growers took advantage of this, says Sales Manager Ole Lauridsen.

– Morning coffee and bread were offered for the early risers. And those who came by later in the day were treated to sausages and drinks. Although they are busy in the fields, many growers choose to come by and exchange experience with colleagues and our employees.

90 percent sown already at the end of March
The sowing took place relatively early this year. We estimate that about 90 percent of the area was sown by April 1, although the soil temperature this year has been slightly to the cold side.

A few Danish growers have chosen to await a higher temperature in the soil and to sow some time into April.

Published 8 April 2022