About DLF Beet Seed

DLF Beet Seed is the new company name at the global market for sugar and fodder beet seed.

We sell and market the sugar beet seed through our two independent channels, MARIBO and HILLESHÖG, both going a long way back in the sugar beet history.

DLF Beet Seed was established 1 October 2017 – and is today a strategic business unit in the DLF group, a global seed company with headquarters in Denmark and 2000 employees in 22 countries.

DLF Beet Seed has 340 employees dedicated to sugar beet seed – with breeding and seed production sites in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France and the US.

The DLF Beet Seed headquarters is based on the island Lolland in Denmark. The former Hilleshög site in Landskrona, Sweden, is the base for the R&D activities.

The US business is based in Longmont, Colorado – where both the seed factory and the R&D activities are placed.

The European seed multiplication takes place mainly in Italy and France. In the US, the seed multiplication takes place in Oregon, and further processing of the seed is located in Longmont, Colorado.